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"The Ditch Doctortm rotary attachment cleared out the ditches in such a way that did not harm the surrounding land used in our farm's operations. The narrow channel, maintained by just one excavator and rotary attachment, better controls the flow of water to ensure a longer lasting, more durable ditch not available when done with the typical bucket, and trucking method.​"

- Phillip Vroegh, Sunny Point Farms

Five years ago, Ditch DoctorTM used their rotary head to improve drainage systems at Sunny Point Farms in Noel, Nova Scotia. The farm, owned by Phillip Vroegh takes the health and wellness of their calves and cows very seriously. With this comes their commitment to provide high quality nutrition from their produced hay.


Soil and land, particularly in the Atlantic Canadian region, can be soft due to an abundance of water in our ecosystem. Proper drainage solutions on farms help navigate surpluses of water, ensuring fields have the opportunity to grow healthy and intact, providing top quality nutrition for our livestock that produce commodities for our bodies, such as the milk that comes from Sunny Point Farms. 

Unfortunately, typical ditching methods have a tendency to take out more land than is necessary, often expanding in width each time the channel is cleared for maintenance. Further, the wider and more open the ditch, the greater likelihood the stream takes a course of its own, eroding a path of its own desire, changing the shape of a once straight trench. However, the Ditch DoctorTM is ergonomically designed to address these challenges, and was put to full use at Sunny Point Farms to protect the fields from issues that arise from traditional ditching methods. 

The picture on the right demonstrates what a ditch may look like after five years of servicing, although the Ditch DoctorTM attachment 

does a superior job, it was time to touch up the ditch as seen below. 

Capable of digging a steep edged channel, the Ditch DoctorTM targets the area while maintaining the walls of the ditch, protecting and saving the surrounding land. This in turn maintains the path of the stream, reducing the tendency of water to take a path of its own desire; the more the water follows the intended path, the more the ditch is able to clean itself out.


This June, the Ditch DoctorTM returned for regular maintenance. In just one hour, the Ditch DoctorTM was able to clear out over 235 metres of ditches. This was all done with one operator, and one machine. The before and after pictures show the quality and efficiency Ditch Doctor’sTM rotary head had at Sunny Point Farms, and could have with your organization.


For more information on owning your own Ditch DoctorTM or to have service done in the Atlantic Region, please contact one of us today! 

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Ditch Doctor Rotary Head two stage ditching

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