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Case Studies, Articles and Documents

Here you will find all the case studies, articles and documents you may find of interest. You can read them one at a time, download them and share them with others.

Ditch Doctor at Sunny Point Farms

Longer lasting ditches, Sunny Point Farms, Noel, Nova Scotia

“The ditches were cleaned without harming the surrounding land in our farm’s operation. The narrow, longer lasting and more durable ditch better controls the flow of water. This is not available when done with the bucket and trucking method.”

Ditch Doctor at Dalhousie University

Two-Stage Ditch. Dalhousie University, Bible Hill, Nova Scotia

The Ditch Doctor® was faster, more cost effective and kinder to the local environment. More land was accessible sooner with higher crop yield the same year. The Two-Stage ditch has great advantages over conventional ditching.

Ditch Doctor at the Great Lakes

Great Lakes Dredging Sends Sediment Flying With The Ditch Doctor®

This article appeared in the 4 September 2020 edition of For Construction Pros. as submitted on behalf of Ransome Equipment by B M. Fraley, Fraley Construction Marketing. Reproduced with permission..

Ditch Doctor at Masstown Market, Nova Scotia

Roadside in Masstown, Nova Scotia

Large store required restoration of ditch to remove high volumes of water at certain times of the year plus standing water at other times of the year. After just one pass the ditch was restored and land became manageable again.

Ditch Doctor Benefits of Two-Stage ditches

Benefits of Two-Stage Ditches, Prof. El Naggar

A scientific article by Prof. Hany El Naggar, Ph.D., P.Eng , Department of Civil and Resource Engineering , Dalhousie University, Nova Scotia. This is an extensive study commission by Ditch Doctor® of the finite elements to investigate the stability of Two-Stage ditch channels under different hydraulic conditions.

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