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Two Stage Ditch

Two-Stage Ditch

How a Two-Stage ditch differs from the conventional trapezoidal shaped ditch and why the Ditch Doctor method is a superior choice.

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Conventional Two-Stage Ditch
Conventional trapezoidal one channel
Modern Two-Stage Ditch
Modern Two-Stage ditch

What is a

Two-Stage Ditch?

This image shows the conventional trapezoidal one channel shape of a ditch for surface water drainage. This shape suffers from premature erosion of material in to the ditch and poor drainage during high and low water volumes events.

A Two-Stage ditch shown in this cross section is a modification that introduces a lower main channel and a bench within the upper channel. The lower main channel transports water during low flow events more effectively while the upper channel is for when there are high flow water events. 

What is a Two-Stage ditch?
Ditch Doctor Two-Stage Ditch

The Ditch Doctor® method

The Ditch Doctor method

The unique Ditch Doctor® method can create, restore and maintain a Two-Stage ditch with a rounded shaped First Stage (Lower Main Channel) that transports water more effectively during low flow events. The Ditch Doctor® method does not disturb the vegetation on the benches or slopes that help reduce erosion back in to the lower main channel. As a result the Second Stage (Upper Channel) is better able to manage the high flow events.


Ditch Doctor at Dalhousie University

Two-Stage Ditch. Dalhousie University, Bible Hill, Nova Scotia

The Ditch Doctor® was faster, more cost effective and kinder to the local environment. More land was accessible sooner with higher crop yield the same year. The Two-Stage ditch has great advantages over conventional ditching.

Ditch Doctor Benefits of Two-Stage Ditch

Benefits of Two-Stage Ditches, Prof. El Naggar

A scientific article by Prof. Hany El Naggar, Ph.D., P.Eng , Department of Civil and Resource Engineering , Dalhousie University, Nova Scotia. This is an extensive study commissioned by Ditch Doctor® of the finite elements to investigate the stability of Two-Stage ditch channels under different hydraulic conditions.   

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