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Watershed maintenance and our health.

A watershed is a piece of land that drains precipitation into out streams, lakes, oceans, and wetlands. It is a part of our natural ecosystem and planet earth that is 70% water. A watershed is a part of what supplies our drinking water, while providing a natural habitat to our wildlife that thrives off of natures water systems.

Poor maintenance of our watershed can lead to dangerous levels of sediment, and pollution. This means that our animal sources of nutrients – meat, poultry, dairy, etc. – are at increased risk of acquiring bacteria and viruses, and I am sure you can guess where it ends up after that, on your family dinner table.

Proper drainage systems, such as the two stage ditch, are an effective way to improve the flow of water. This means less erosion of land, decreasing levels of unwanted sediment in the water we, and the animals we eat or get nutrients from directly, consume on a regular basis. Who is in charge of ensuring our watersheds are eco-friendly? The truth is, we all are. At Ditch Doctor we are proud to play our part by offering alternatives to keeping our watersheds healthy through state of the art ditching and drainage, directly improving the health and wellness of the foods and beverages we put into our body, and into those we serve on a regular basis – friends, family, and in the case of our hard working agricultural friends, our customers.

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