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Make Your Excavator More Profitable

Unlock Your Excavator Profit Potential with the Ditch Doctor®


Say goodbye to low hourly rates and hello to much higher profit potential. The Ditch Doctor® is more than just an attachment—it's your business partner to financial freedom and security.

Time is Money & Ditch Doctor® Creates More of Both

Every minute wasted is money lost. With the Ditch Doctor®, you'll save time, boost efficiency, and maximize your productivity to earn more in less time than ever before.

One And Done! Plus More Environmentally Friendly

With just your excavator and a Ditch Doctor® you will be faster than using a bucket. You have no need for trucking away any spoil and can price your work more effectively. One and Done!

Work in Wet or Dry conditions

You have two scroll cases to choose from. You can work in a wide range of dry or wet soil conditions and up to three feet of water.

Preserve Your Legacy as a Steward Of The Land

Protect your land, ensure optimal drainage, and leave a lasting legacy for generations to come with the Ditch Doctor®, your trusted partner in environmentally friendly land stewardship.

Customize & Optimize

You have two sizes to choose from to fit your excavator. You can create, restore and maintain ditches in your area in a wide variety of soil conditions with either size.


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