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A Faster, More Cost-Effective Way to Maintain & Restore Ditches

Our Ditch Doctor® 22 and Ditch Doctor® 15 Excavator Attachments make creating good drainage an effortless and enjoyable experience.


Complete Ditch Excavation Projects in a Fraction of the Time

Unlike traditional methods, our cutting-edge attachment is designed for maximum speed. With its specialized teeth and large cutting surface, it covers a wider area with each pass, significantly reducing excavation time compared to other methods.

Improve Drainage at a Lower Cost Compared to Traditional Methods

No more time-consuming, manual labor. The Ditch Doctor® attachment works seamlessly with your existing excavator, cutting work times significantly and improving productivity. It's not just a tool - it's your partner in keeping your land well-drained and flourishing.


Join the Global Ditch Doctor® Movement

With over 60 million views and counting, our videos on social media have become a powerful force in spreading awareness about the importance of preventing floods and preserving our lands.

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Choose Your Ditch Doctor® Attachment

The DD15 and DD22 excavator attachments are capable of creating a one stage or two-Stage ditch in various soil conditions and in up to 3 feet of water. Pick your size below:

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Ditch Doctor® 15 Excavator Attachment

The Ditch Doctor® DD15 excavator attachment is the smaller of the two for use on an excavator size of between 4 -12 tons with a hydraulic flow rate of between 12-45 GPM and weights 800 lbs.

DD22 Attachment 2020.webp

Ditch Doctor® 22 Excavator Attachment

The Ditch Doctor® DD22 excavator attachment is the larger of the two for use on an excavator size of between 13 -25 tons with a hydraulic flow rate of between 24-75 GPM and weights 2260 lbs.


The Ditch Doctor® Inventor: Adam Fisher

Adam Fisher invented the Ditch Doctor® excavator attachment, used for creating, maintaining, and restoring ditches. The attachment is powered by the hydraulics of the excavator, offering a faster, more cost-effective, and environmentally-friendly alternative to the conventional method involving a bucket and spoil transportation. Since the debut of the first prototype in 2002, two sizes are now available, with functionality in both dry and wet conditions.


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Want to offer your customers a game-changing solution to their ditch maintenance needs? Join our network of over 2,000 Ditch Doctor dealers in Canada and across 22 states in North America.


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Learn More About the Ditch Doctor

The Ditch Doctor Excavator Attachment has been featured in dozens of magazines and journals.

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