Ditch Doctor Client Area

Welcome to the first of series of pages for Ditch Doctor Owner Operators. First lets start with getting your details details correct for the administration. If ou don't know of have all the details available don't worry, we will rebut the when the time comes.

There are 6 forms we will need cmldted before we can produce a formal equation and be ceratin we have excatly what you requite and expect to receives.

So lets start with the shipping address. Complete this form below...

Form 1 -Shipping Address

This is the address and contact person you want your Ditch Doctor shipped to. There will be another form billing details of they are dffferent to these details.

Please note this location must be able to receive a curb side shipment of the Ditch Doctor and any accessories on a pallet. A tracking number will be provide at the time of shipment so you can plan bein gthere for th day of expected delivery.

  Ditch Doctor® Atlantic Ltd, Glenholme, Nova Scotia CANADA

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