Making Nova Scotia's Highways Safe

The Nova Scotia Five-Year Highway Improvement plan of 2015-16 outlines the Government's decision to repairing and maintaining the 23,000 kilometres of roads, highways, and bridges. The plan covers major projects including pavings, bridge replacements, and other capital maintenance and infrastructure Nova Scotia plans to cover over the next five years. For a detailed report, you can check it out here.

Outlining where the $220MM for the 2015-16 year is going, the report states $105.5MM is allocated to asphalt and resurfacing. Other notable area are new highway and bridge construction ($68MM), and replacement and rehabilitation of bridges (31MM).

Infamously known for our dynamic weather on the East Coast, the constant freezing and thawing of land over the span of a year can be hard on the infrastructure we build on our foundation. Pavement and concrete are constantly contracting and expanding, as is the land beneath it. This can be detrimental to our roads, and increases risk to our drivers.

Of course, a strong influence of this is water. Beyond properly designing roadways to drain off water from the asphalt surface, proper drainage helps control water saturation underneath the paved surface. Unfortunately, many of the ditches along the side of our roads are not properly maintained, causing too much water to saturate the land, drastically increasing the effects of shifting temperatures. Know any backed up ditches could jeopardize the safety of drivers? We would love to hear about it and compare it to roadways that have been properly maintained.

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