What is the Ditch DoctorTM attachment?

Some questions and answers about becoming a Ditch Doctor TM Rotary Ditching owner in your area.


Adam and Carole Fisher of Ditch Doctor TM Atlantic Ltd are offering excavator owners the opportunity to own a Ditch Doctor TM and provide the Ditch Doctor TM Rotary Ditching service in areas across Canada. Here are some questions and answers that will help you decide if this may be the perfect addition to your existing excavator business.

The Ditch Doctor TM Rotary Ditcher is a unique excavator attachment made in Canada. When attached to an excavator with hydraulic power it is able to create, restore and maintain efficient ditches in less time. The rotor blades remove the spoil in ditches and evenly distrubutes it on the banks. This leaves the vegetation on the ditch slopes undisturbed and has significantly less impact on the local environment.

Who is currently a Ditch DoctorTM owner?

Adam Fisher is currently the sole owner operator of the Ditch Doctor TM. Adam has been providing rotary ditching using his patent pending unique Ditch Doctor TM Rotary Ditching attachment to clients in Nova Scotia and New Brunswick for the past 13 years. Adam Fisher designed and manufactured the new Ditch Doctor TM Rotary Ditching attachment and is offering the same opportunity to you.

What areas are available to become a Ditch DoctorTM owner?
What do I need to become Ditch DoctorTM owner in my area?

Although not essential you will probably be an experienced excavator operator and familiar with the type of clients that have water problems. You will need an excavator with hydraulic power to run the unit. All the connections can be made by Ditch Doctor TM and the unit is delivered ready to use.

How do I find out more about becoming a Ditch DoctorTM owner.

We are currently preparing additional pages on this website and some additional information about becoming a Ditch Doctor TM owner. If you think this may be of further interest please contact Carole Fisher, Operations Director, and we will make sure we provide you these details as soon as they become available.

All areas of Nova Scotia and across Canada are available. Depending on the circumstances and availability of the Ditch Doctor TM Rotary Ditching we will consider request from international representatives.

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