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Become a Ditch Doctor® Distributor

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Ditch Doctor® is growing

Ditch Doctor® is growing and looking for Owner Operators and Distributors in the United States, Europe and other countries. Interest from excavator owners, farmers, land owners and local municipalities is raising awareness of how the Ditch Doctor® can create, restore and maintain ditches. On this page you will find more information on becoming a distributor.

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Ditch Doctor is growing
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What is the Ditch Doctor®?

The Ditch Doctor® method is used to create, restore and maintain efficient ditches, and is gentle to the environment. It is an attachment used with a hydraulic excavator as a faster and more cost effective alternative to the conventional ditching method of bucket and excavator. One of the major benefits of the Ditch Doctor® method is that the spoil is self- leveling so there is no need for any additional handling of the spoil.  It produces an immediately viable ditch requiring less maintenance once established and significantly reduces the impact on the local environment. The vegetation on the slope of the ditch is not disturbed preventing erosion of the evenly distributed spoil back into the ditch. The Ditch Doctor® method can also create a two-stage ditch and work in up to 3 feet of water.

What is the Ditch Doctor

Frequently asked Questions & Answers



What areas are available to become a Ditch Doctor® Distributor?

Where there is currently no distributor Ditch Doctor® will be offering the opportunity to become a distributor. This list is constantly changing so we suggest contacting us to find out if your area is available. Ditch Doctor® is actively promoting the Ditch Doctor® to potential Ditch Doctor® Owner Operators in parts of Canada, United States of America and Europe where distributors will be required.

What if there is already a Ditch Doctor® Distributor in my area?

There will be one distributor in each designated area. The designated area will be based on factors such as established relationships, sales team, languages and marketing skills. Large areas such as the United States of America will have more than one designated area and therefore distributor.



What is the product line for the Ditch Doctor®?

Ditch Doctor® is available in two sizes, the Ditch Doctor® DD22 for larger excavators and the Ditch Doctor® DD15 for smaller excavators. Both models are available with either a wet or dry scroll case that is interchangeable. Hydraulic lines, coupling plates and other accessories are also available.



What requirements are there to become a Distributor?

Ditch Doctor® is a unique excavator attachment that will probably be sold as part of a wider offering by a distributor already servicing the local area. Knowledge of importing as an established business would be desirable. If you are an excavator operator and interested in the Ditch Doctor® you might want to consider becoming an Owner Operator first.



Is the Ditch Doctor® new to the market?

The first use in 2002 was in Nova Scotia, Canada with the prototype designed by Adam Fisher. It has since been through extensive R&D, Patented and now available for sale to export markets. Read about the story in this article here.



What marketing material is available to support a distributor?

Ditch Doctor® has compiled case studies that provide compelling evidence of the Ditch Doctor® performance. These case studies along with testimonials, brochures, video, website and social media are available to distributors.



Are their new products planned for the future?

There is a philosophy of continuous R&D at Ditch Doctor® when it comes to all things ditching and vegetation management. Existing product upgrades and new products are part of the projected future growth for the Ditch Doctor® product family.



Will the distributor be responsible for sales and service?

Once a Distributor has been appointed there will be no direct sales to Owner Operators in the designated area. Ditch Doctor® will direct product, sales leads and service to the recognized distributor. Ditch Doctor® will collaborate with the distributors marketing, sales and service as required.



How do I get answers to more questions I have?

Some answers can be found by reading the case studies and watching the videos. If you have more questions we would be happy to answer them. Send us an e-mail via the "Contact" page or simply give us a call.

Distributors & Owner Operators

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